Monday, April 08, 2013


Amateur night shot of a city somewhere in America, found on Ebay. On the back is written "1938".
 This could be New York, and the park in the foreground Central Park, but I suppose any metropolis in the US would present a futuristic vision like that at the time. Interesting to discover that photographing the city at night goes back such a long way.

Panzer: Sdkfz 251/1, ausf A
A rare look into the fighting compartment of a Sdkfz 251, displaying the well designed interior.
The photo was most likely taken at a training facility prior to, or in the early part of WWII, with a lieutenant handing out instructions to aspiring panzergrenadiere. Note the absence of an protective armoured shield around the forward MG mount. This feature was added to later versions of the Sdkfz 251, probably to the delight of German machine gun operators.

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