Monday, April 29, 2013


An image junkie you, yeees? luck with any of the rehab programs, yeees?..been hanging around the big online image libraries again, yeees?...

Well, why doncha just face the fact that you can't be cured... and then quickly dasheth ye over to, roll up your sleeves and make yourself comfortable at places like achromatic-a

Panzer: Sdkfz 253
Serving with a mobile artillery unit, the tactical sign visible on the front armour plate, together with what looks like the divisional marking of the  8 Panzer Division
Sdkfz 253's  provided armoured cover and cross country mobility for artillery observers who needed to register the impact of artillery fire on enemy positions and then report the results back to Wehrmacht battery commanders. Belonging to the Sdkfz 250 family, it differed from the standard version by having a fully enclosed fighting compartment. The rationalisation of German armoured production in the second half of WWII led to the discontinuation of highly specialized vehicles like these, their tasks being taken over by simpler designs based on the Sdkfz 250 or 251.

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