Monday, May 06, 2013


David Vicente, he's a frenchie... and he draws Le stuff cool!

Panzer: Panzerbefehlswagen III, Ausf E
A spot of trouble for this Pz.Bf.Wg and a Sonderanhanger 116 tank transporter, providing us with a nice view of the upper surfaces and the panzer's large "bedstead" radio aerial. A divisional marking painted in yellow is visible next to the turret number "31" It could be that of the 5th Panzer Division which used an "X" marking.


ste said...

didn't you have a motorbike a bit back ?

lennard grahn said...

Yep, had a Yamaha XT600, I bought it third-hand at a very low price and eventually it wore out due to old age but it was a great bike. Owned a Honda VF400 too back in the day.

Ahh...spring...I do feel an itch in the old throttle hand...

ste said...

i like the xt600's (more than the 660's even). running an old bandit at the mo.good risky fun- the reflexes are diminishing somewhat at our age but sod it.

8wheels-good said...

TauchPanzer iii, 18th PzDiv not 5th :)

lennard grahn said...

Right you are!
The liner for fixing the waterproofing is clearly visible around the front turret armour
I sit corrected!