Tuesday, June 11, 2013



Yes, TEN YEARS of blogging here at DAMIJWH! since that very first posting back in 2003, an embittered assault on a Danish Buddhist  - when was I ever nice?...

Well, there have been many phunn moments like that... and I originally started out sharing a blog with my two friends Jens Christoffersen and Hans Larsen, but decided to go solo with DAMIJWH, because mankind needed a really cool and great guy doing a blog.

I suppose blogging has largely been replaced by the many other social medias available today, but I still like the idea of dropping links to places I find interesting on the WWW, with a few lines of text thrown in, and yes: I know fans are eager to know: is he ever going to stop?.. and the answer is of course NO! even on my death bed I will be blogging! so there you have it.

OK, enough of this...see you next Monday and don't forget to also check out my other blog (about comic books) : Plopish!

And by the way: no matter WHAT happens here at the blog, I can guarantee you that there will always be:


Panzer: Panzerbefehlswagen III, Ausf D
Perfect for commemorating our anniversary here at DAMIJWH is this unusually spruce and clean looking Pz Bef Wg III, photographed at a parade just before the outbreak of WWII. Of special note is the parade quality belt and buckle, marksman's lanyard and medal worn by the commander. The medal could very well be The Anschluss Medal, awarded in 1938 to Wehrmacht personnel who took part in the Austrian Anschluss .


ste said...

That's staying power L. Congratulations. Ste

lennard grahn said...

Thanks! (sorry, didn't see the comment untill now...)