Friday, June 28, 2013


I am a collector. I carry a little machine with me. And walk the Earth. I have been programmed by my culture (a very visual culture) to recognise certain combinations of colour, light and form to be interesting, noteworthy. It is all done by my human brain... a cow or a monkey would not see the world like that. When I come across these combinations, I record them with my little machine, it's called a "camera",  and later when I come home, I sit at my desk and look at the recordings. A bit like a collector of butterflies, or flowers would. I feel a certain pleasure. A pleasure of having caught these butterflies. They are now mine.

Have a nice summer, and when we meet again; it will be the future.

Panzer: Bergepanzer III, ausf J
Some 150 obsolete Panzer III's were converted in March-December 1944 to serve with armoured units as recovery vehicles. Photo possibly taken during the Battle of the Bulge.


stuart said...

Happy collecting! I will try and do some of the same...

ste said...

Before you go go Lennard. Just read that youth unemployment in Denmark is one of the lowest percentages in Europe. Is that the case ? Here in the dreadful UK its running at 20% and it seems worse.Is Denmark to 'place to be' for the young ?

lennard grahn said...

Thanks for the comments, and sorry for my belated reply but due a massive amount of spam comments are now moderated and need to be approved by me, but I forgot! :-(

ste: I think Denmark is very much the place to be for the young, even our middleaged and old people are young :-) Youth unemployment is a problem here too, but of course we are much better off than Greece, Italy and Spain...dunno really, there were much bigger problems with unemployment back in the 80's when I was in my twenties and I generally had a fine time.