Monday, August 05, 2013


Backeth are we!
- and what better way to start up the new season here at DAMIJWH than presenting a bewitching collection of photos from New York City, made available online by the NYC Department of Records

Of special note are a series of photos taken in the 1980s by the Department of Finance.
These photos were taken for purely practical reasons, related to the taxation of property, but you really get that "Taxi Driver" feel of the seedy urban decay found in some parts of New York during that era.

Panzer: Sturmgeschütz IV, Ausf G
StuG IV's under production at the Krupp Grusonwerk. Far less common than its little brother, the StuG III, the Stug IV was proposed by the Krupp firm (which didn't manufacture the Panzer III chassis' used for the StuG III) and approved wit hgreat enthusiasm by Hitler. The turret less StuG's were quicker and cheaper to produce than standard panzers like the Pz IV, Panther and Tiger, making them very attractive to Germany's arms industries in the second half of WWII, strained by allied bombings, shortage of raw materials and the ever increasing demands from the front lines.

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