Monday, August 12, 2013


Montmartre, Paris ca. 1900

Toulouse-Lautrec was my first great love when it comes to art, his wonderful clear line drawing style combined with the expressive use of colour made a big impression on me.

And those faces in his paintings...brightly lit in garish colours against a backdrop of putrescent purples and bubonic browns, fluttering like cancerous butterflies performing a dance of darkness in the City of Light, painted by this great master of modernism as if you were there, not just a spectator , but part of what was happening.

Too bad I was born one hundred years too late...but fortunately for me (and others), we have photography! , enabling armchair art lovers to sit at a safe distance from the world of Toulouse-Lautrec (which of course was also the world of syphilis, tuberculosis, crime, death, corruption and hunger), and checketh out this photo page (in Spanish), displaying a multitude of images of Toulouse-Lautrec and his times in late nineteenth century Paris.

Panzer: Pzkpfw II, Ausf C
A nicely detailed closeup.
The open-centered cross painted on the side of the hull, combined with the crewman wearing the panzer beret, could suggest the photo was taken in spring 1940, prior to the invasions of France and the Low countries.

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