Monday, September 23, 2013


Keeping it real here at DAMIJWH with some MORE Japanese box art!

The above piece happens to be my all time favourite...made in the 1970s by Yoshiyuki Takani for Tamiya's 1/35 scale R/C Jagdpanther.

Curiously, the artwork differed slightly depending on what version of the kit you had in the box.

The full R/C version (with two electric motors included) would get you the art with soldiers standing on the back end of the JP and a motorcycle w. sidecar in the foreground, but If you opted for the R/C version with just ONE electric motor, your box art was without the soldiers and the motorcycle.

More here
(you have to join the forum to see the pics, but it's free)

Panzer: Befehlspanther, Ausf A
A unit commander's version of the Panther, with the extra "star" antenna mounted on the engine deck behind the turret, enabling direct radio contact with Divisional or Corps HQ.
Note that the cylindrical box containing cleaning rods for the main gun has been moved from its standard position on the left-hand side of the upper hull and instead placed along the rear end of the engine deck. This was a field modification done by some Panther-equipped units to prevent the container from being damaged (smashed flat...) during the fighting.

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