Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Well, Merry X- Mas and a Hap- Happy New Year to all!

2014 was not exactly the best year of my life...big changes and great personal loss...

Well, a photo taken from the terrace at the house where I grew up.

Every Christmas I would walk out on that terrace to look at the lights from the small town Østby, located at the other side of the fjord we lived by. Wondering about the people were who lived there, since I had never met any of them. Then I'd gaze at the stars, if the sky was clear, and return to our living room to sink into the drowsy cosiness of X-mas in front of the TV.

It was good.

(and see you again January 5, 2015)


Monday, December 22, 2014


Sometimes, surprising things can be found down dead end roads in decaying industrial zones...

Panzer: Pzkpfw VI Tiger II, Königstiger
An early production King Tiger with zimmerit coating is hiding out in the woods, probably summer of 44'.

Monday, December 15, 2014


Thank you Bob Peak for creating the art for the Apocalypse Now movie poster (and many others) inspiring a young boy to become an artist.

Panzer: Panzerbefehlswagen III, Ausf F
This was the mount of armoured unit commanders who wished to "lead from the front", as opposed to the relative safety of a more stationary command post.
Fitted with extra long-range radio equipment, a Befehlspanzer would keep the commander in touch with his own HQ and staff while keeping close contact with his men on the ground.

Monday, December 08, 2014


Prepare for a burst of high-pitched cackling laughter on your morning ride to work, as you watch these rib-tickling prequels to the art of animation: Victorian age zoetropes

Panzer: Pzkpfw IV, Ausf D
A Panzer IV which has seen some action is resting in a depot.
The photo was most likely taken after the Battle of France, 1940.
Note the early method of painting vehicle numbers on small rhomboid-shaped pieces of metal. The rhomboid was the tactical symbol of armoured units.

Monday, December 01, 2014


Since I stopped being an employee of the arts, I find it fun to make art again.

And nothing is more fun than using ArtRage on my iPad...a simple software tool that enables you to paint with your fingers.

My inspiration?...going round in circles!

Panzer: Pzkpfw VI Tiger, Ausf E
A Tiger crewman finds time to shave, probably summer of 1944. A BMW motorcycle with sidecar in the background. Possibly this was shared by all members of the unit for when they needed to go places. A Tiger is not the best ride when fetching groceries.

Monday, November 24, 2014


Well , this blog should know!  that I did find a new job and have been working there since September.

I teach animation to young people with disabilities in the town of Ringsted, about sixty kilometers from Copenhagen, so now I'm a commuter!

Very happy I found that job.

Panzer: Pzkpfw IV, Ausf D
A panzer crewman studying the damage inflicted by enemy anti-tank weapons. Photo probably taken during or after the battle of France.
Note the small white rhomboid and the number 4 painted next to the damaged vision port.
This denoted that the panzer belonged to the fourth company of an armoured regiment.
Later on came the introduction of large numerals painted onto the turret sides,

Monday, November 17, 2014


When I was growing up in the 1970's, most of the art that I knew was the illustration art found in popular culture.

Comic book covers, record covers, book covers etc.

As I've mentioned before here at DAMIJWH, I was a  bookworm,  "hanging" a the local library while the other kids did sports, picked fights, learned how to smoke, or (later on) got laid.

I liked reading. I liked the smell of books. I liked the peace and solitude of the library. I liked the friendly bespecled women who worked there.

Often I would spend my time not reading, but simply gazing at the fabulous covers of some of the books. At one time, I found a particularly exciting one... the one pictured above...

A powerful spaceship, thrusting through deep space, heading for incredible adventures!

All rendered in beautiful blue and blue green hues...

My recollection of that exciting cover rested for many years deep in my memory. Until one day, I decided to use the power of the Internet and, maybe...find that precious book somewhere out there?

I remembered the word ASIMOV...written boldly on the cover. So I began searching, and eventually found it!

it looked like this!

NOT painted in blue and blue green, but in yellow, red and orange!

After much speculation, I found the explanation: The book I had seen at my local library, had been exposed to the sun, fading some of the colours (red, yellow and orange) while leaving others untouched (the blue and green)

Well, at least I found out.

And a few weeks ago, I accidentally discovered the artist who painted it! British Sci-Fi artist Peter Elson so check out the original here

Panzer: Sdkfz 251/3 , Ausf D
A late model mittlere Kommandopanzerwagen. Filled with long-range radio equipment, 251/3's were mostly used by armoured unit commanders and their staff. The "600" number is typical of staff level vehicles. Using numbers above the numbers 100-400, since these were usually reserved for the halftracks and lorries carrying troops.

Monday, November 10, 2014


The day after my father died I went to his house to check up on things.

I found this newspaper spread out on the kitchen table. The visible page contains the schedules for TV programs.

 My father would spend his mornings sitting by this table, drinking tea and reading his paper. Later on he would do the cross word puzzle.

He always sat at the other side of the table,  opposite to where the newspaper is.
That was "dad's seat". He sat there when we ate dinner. My mom sat there when she and me had lunch together, before my dad came home from work. I never sat there.

My guess is that my dad placed the paper there to check out the TV programs for later that day. He would watch football on his TV late into the night, sometimes catching five or six games.

As I've mentioned before here on the blog, my dad died coming home from shopping. When he laid out that paper to plan his TV viewing for the evening, he didn't know that he'd be gone from our world four or five hours later.

But don't get me wrong. We do need plans.

Panzer: Sdkfz 251/9, Ausf C
Summer of 1943 is my guess. The armoured "top" surrounding the two crewmen is a field conversion, probably done by the unit's workshop.

Monday, November 03, 2014


Years ago I was going through a very bad time in my life. I was doing too much of something you could do, didn't eat and sleep properly and spent too much time in front of computers, trying to master a very complicated 3D program. All of this was part of a "business adventure" with a guy who was , well... a complete asshole I suppose.

I ended up with a nervous breakdown, I think...

During that time (before the nervous breakdown) I had a strange vision while sleeping. It was not really a dream, because it happened just before I woke up. That peculiar part of a dream where you are aware that you are dreaming, but not quite out of the dream yet.

A black man appeared in my mind. He had a beard, was dressed in a simple orange robe and behind him was a desert. He spoke to me, in English (all prophets speak perfect English, just like aliens from outer space, and Roman emperors) He was saying that I should not be afraid. His eyes radiated a great kindness, and his voice was soft and very comforting. I immediately understood that everything this man said was true. Without question.

He said that everything was going to be alright. I also understood who he was: he was one of "the original prophets". He represented a group of people who had existed many many centuries before Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha etc. Before various powerful groups started screwing things up. Making things fit their plans.

I came out of the dream state and got out of bed. Some time later, I managed to take action and began to solve some of the problems I was facing.

Who was he? a projection of my subconscious?..  the whacked-out brain fart of a man who was zonked out of him mind on computers, bad living and drugs?..

Or : was it the true vision of a spiritual being... emerging from past times, from another level of reality?..

I am not a believer in the spiritual, or mystical. I believe in science, rational thought, democracy...all of that. Because it brought progress and a better life for most.

But there you have it:  "The Lennard Grahn Religious Experience"...

Panzer: Pzkpfw Tiger II, Ausf B Königstiger
A group of Tiger II's on the move, most likely in the summer of 1944.

Monday, October 27, 2014


Get into the arty cut-up-ism of Copenhagen's...sorry... DENMARK'S first punk magazine


A mix of reviews, interviews, homegrown poetry, rants, raves and collage

Born 1978 - Died 1980, IKLIPSX was the typical punk zine, but with a more artistic flavour than most. Number 1, 1980 came in a brown paper bag, was named "the media package" and included a slice of sausage wrapped in tin foil...

From the link you can download every issue as a PDF and thus be liberated from petty middle class boredom.


Panzer: Panzerjäger Marder III, Sdkfz 139
Serving with a Waffen-SS unit. The dark grey colour would suggest the photo was taken in the summer of 1942.

Monday, October 20, 2014


Growing gut showing, hair falling out...eyesight failing, and some chaps (not me) might even begin to experience "erectile challenges"...

And anyway...things just aren't as exciting as they used to be, right?...

On the whole, not much fun is it?...

BUT the progress of time can occasionally give you a small thrill, as illustrated by the tasty little tome pictured above:

The German Jet Genesis

Published in nineteen eighty two, I remember spotting that fabulous cover in the "War and history" department of my favourite bookstore in Copenhagen Politikens Boghandel, on the corner of Town Hall Square.

Recently subjected to a major makeover, which completely ruined the charm of the old place (like so many other things here in Copenhagen) this big and spacious store, filled with books in English, was for many years one of my favourite places to visit in Copenhagen.

Back in 82' I was a mere lad of sixteen, and not exactly loaded with money... so naturally I checked the price tag...and had to accept that a price of 187  Danish kroners (roughly £ 19) was way to expensive for me...

With regret I left the store. And did my best to forget about the the mistake I had made of peeking inside the book, filled with beautiful black and white line drawings of experimental German aircraft of WWII, some of them too advanced to ever leave the drawing board.

Masterpieces of futuristic fantasy.

Well. Years passed. I had other thrills. Purchased other books. But somehow, I could never forget about The German Jet Genesis.

Until a few months ago, when it suddenly dawned upon me: HEY! this is the age of!!  some of those books I longed to own when I was living in the good old analogue world must still be out there!

 So I found it... ordered it , received it in the mail

£ 16 it cost me, all included...

Mine at last. Page after page of beautiful black and white drawings of fantasy aircraft, most of which never flew.

Thirty two years passed, before my dream came through.

It was well worth the wait.

And, I saved £ 3!

Panzer: Panzerjäger Panther "Jagdpanther"
A very late model JP, photographed shortly after WWII at a vehicle dump in Germany under British control. Note the full set of flammvernicthern exhaust dampers and what looks like engine fan covers made from wood. These were fitted to avoid splinters from small caliber fire from ground attack aircraft from being sucked into the engine.

Monday, October 13, 2014


So where did you find me this weekend?... lounging about in the warm and sunny weather that now passes for "autumn" here in the Age of Global Warming?..

NAY! I spend my time in a crowded room with black painted walls, looking at paper!

Since I was at Copenhagen's venue for Punk music and alternative culture: Ungdomshuset Dortheavej 61, attending:


 Some peeks inside the venue

A couple of enthusiasts

Words to consider...

And now, the important part: reading your zines!

Thanks CPH ZINE FEST for a really nice and well-organized event

and I'll be back next year.

Panzer: Panzer übung
Photo of a a large-scale drill involving both Panzer III's, IV's,  APC' and Tiger I's.
This probably took place just prior to the Battle of Kursk in summer 1943.

Monday, October 06, 2014


Tantalizing 80's retro illustrations by Killian Eng

Heavily influenced by the many great artists of early Metal Hurlant, and the Ligne Claire style, one must say...

Thoust should also his Tumblr page visit, and checketh out his imaginary poster for Alejandro Jodorowski's unrealised version of Dune

Panzer: Sdkfz 251, Ausf B
A rare peek inside the legendary APC. Note the surfaces around the driver and radio operator's positions, painted in elfenbein (an off-white colour) for better visibility in the dark. This area was not visible from the air, unlike the remainder of the interior which has been painted in standard dunkelgrau grey. The pillow placed next to the trooper is a bit mysterious. My guess is it was used as a knee rest when the radio operator had to leave his seat to fire the MG 34 machine gun. The support can just be seen, welded to the roof armor.

Monday, September 29, 2014


I went to this school for about a month back in the first grade.

Hmm.. must be fourty years ago...

The school is located in the Copenhagen suburb of Hvidovre.

My dad and I had to go and live with my grandparents in Hvidovre, because my mother was committed to a mental institution.

I remember coming home from school one day and my mother was sitting on the couch in our living room saying meaningless things. It later turned out that she had burst a blood vessel in her brain.

Unfortunately, she was believed to be psychotic and was placed in a hospital for the mentally ill where she received electrotherapy.

When she returned from the hospital she was all right, but had to rely on heavy doses of anti-psychotic medicine for the rest of her life to deal with anxiety and depression.

While I was taking this photo two small boys came up to me on scooters, asking me why I took photos. I explained that I liked the buildings. The oldest (around six or seven) said he didn't think that they were nice,  and  I asked him why "I just don't" he answered, in a sullen manner. He clearly didn't like a stranger nosing around his neighbourhood. Doing odd things. Taking photos.

Panzer: Bergepanther, Ausf G
Another rare vehicle photographed immediately after the end of WWII.
There's evidently some damage to the upper areas of the Bergepanther.
Perhaps this was caused by explosives set off by the crew before abandoning the vehicle or maybe the work of strafing allied airplanes.

Monday, September 22, 2014


Art by David Hardy

Get yer seventies Sc-Fi art at:

Panzer: Sdkfz 234/4
A nice shot showing the factory-applied hard edge camouflage of dark green over dark yellow used on many late-war Sdkfz 234's. Photo probably taken in spring 1945 after the end of hostilities.


Monday, September 15, 2014


Checketh ye out the military art of Jody Harmon

Panzer: Panzerjäger Tiger, Ausf B Jagdtiger
A rare private photo of a Jagdtiger with the simplified Porche suspension.

Monday, September 08, 2014


Per Grahn 9/9 1931- 24/8 2014

My dad died a couple of weeks ago and was buried last Thursday.

He had a bad heart and received a tripple bypass operation in 2010.

He died from a heart attack coming home from shopping. This usually included stopping by for a beer at a small restaurant at the mall where he would chat with some friends. He was found outside of his house where he had lived for more than fourty years. A place he cherished and loved.

Not a bad way to go I suppose. The last we spent time together we ate a chicken dinner, his all time favourite  dish, and had a good time.

I got along well with my dad, so I lost more than a parent. I also lost a  friend.

Bye dad,

and thanks.

Panzer: Pzkpfw Tiger, Ausf B "Königstiger"
Another photo of the Tiger II abandoned in front of the Potsdammer Platz railway station in Berlin.
In the background we see the ruins of the KaDeWe department store.

Monday, September 01, 2014


Unmitigated praise for the beloved leader in the form of cheerful marching songs?...

hmm.... that has to come out of North Korea or The Third Reich, yes?...

or, maybe: The IBM Corporate Song Book

Panzer: Pzkpfw Tiger, Ausf B "Königstiger"
An American GI pose for a relaxed snapshot in occupied Berlin,  spring 1945.
He could be leaning against the same Tiger II pictured last week. The Soviet's gathered a number of AFV's captured in the Battle of Berlin and put them on display in a local park before the most salvageable vehicles were shipped to Russia for evaluation and research.
Note the Tiger I in the background with the early "dustbin" style cupola, clear evidence that many panzers fighting in Berlin were older vehicles gathered from armour schools and other second-line units.

Monday, August 25, 2014


A selfie from when I was a student at the Royal Danish Art Academy. 
The computer room at the School of Mediaart. I spent many a long night there
working on multiple computers when nobody else was around to use them.

Had my last day as it consultant at The Royal Danish Art Academy.
Readers of this blog will know that I was laid off about six months ago due to staff cuts

Well, that marks the end of a twenty-three year relationship with said institution...and since I'm forty eight years old, that makes it:

Half my life.

I started out as a humble student in 1991, graduated in 1998 and worked as a part-time teacher and it consultant at the academy from around the same time.

Since I never rose to a higher level than that of the part-time hired hand, I also worked other part-time jobs but my job at the academy provided my main income from around 2001.

Sure . I could probably have found other jobs, done something else with my life.

But, I imagined I belonged to the art world - I was an artiste, yes?...

And anyway: it was a nice place to hide out from life, while giving me time to make art in my plentiful spare time.

A nice gig but I never really felt like I belonged. I was basically just an employee, servicing the up and coming art stars of tomorrow.



Well, Lennard... you've probably got twenty-five or thirty more years ahead of you before it's time to sign out for good

- what are you going to do about that?!..

I don't know...

I really don't.

Panzer: Pzkpfw Tiger Ausf B "Königstiger"
Abandoned outside the Potzdammer Platz railway station in Berlin, May 1945.
This Tiger was one of a handful of Tiger II's fighting in the Battle of Berlin with the Schweres SS Panzer Abteilung 103/503.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Illustration art by Ludwig Hohlwein  for a company 
manufacturing uniforms and equipment for members of the SS.

- You crave it! - need it! - fantasize about it!
the most controversial art on the planet:


Explore the work of artists of The Third Reich at Galeria Thule Italia

Panzer: Panzerjäger Marder II / Sd.Kfz.132
Not to be confused with the Marder II, Sdkfz 131.
This version of the Marder series was based on the Pzkpfw II, Ausf D1/ D2 chassis mounting the  PaK 36(r) L/51 gun, captured en masse from the Red Army in 1941.
 A stop-gap solution created for dealing with the Soviet T-34 and KV tanks, it served with various Panzerjäger units from April 1942 to early 1944.

Monday, August 11, 2014


Great quirky phunn at Dorris McComics

Panzer: Munitionsschlepper IV für Karl-Gerät
At first glance I though this photo showed a Bergepanzer IV, a turret less Panzer IV with a crane fitted for salvaging disabled AFV's.
It is in fact one of several purpose built vehicles for supplying the massive shells used by the 600mm Karl-Gerät self-propelled siege mortar.

Monday, August 04, 2014


Nice late 1970s colour photos by Adam Bartos

Panzer: Pzkpfw I ohne aufbau
A nice top view showing the interior. Note the "crash bar" railing around the main compartment.
The trooper taking driving lessons is of course dressed in cotton fatigues to save on his regular
black panzer uniform during training. For safety he is wearing the rubber lined crash helmet, covered by the Panzer beret.

Monday, July 07, 2014


Holidaysies here at DAMIJWH!

 No luck yet with the job hunting, but I will continue searching since I need something to do before I reach retirement at age 105....see you again August 4'th, and remember:

 Smile and be happy. Your enemies will hate it.

Panzer: Kleine Befehlspanzerwagen I, Ausf B
Probably photographed at an armour school ca. 1940-41.


Monday, June 30, 2014


No more of this namby-pamby's time to get tough!..

And what better way to get in the right frame of mind than this series of inflammatory essays by renowned artist Jenny Holzer

Panzer: Pzkpfw I, Ausf A
From the very early days of the Panzerwaffe, ca. mid-1930s.

Monday, June 23, 2014


American painter George Ault 1891- 1948  liked the poetry of "nightscapes"

More of his work here , together with some from his better known contemporaries: Andrew Wyeth, Rockwell Kent and Edward Hopper.

Panzer: Sdkfz 9 "FAMO"
Not really a panzer since it was neither armed nor  armoured, but I couldn't resist this photo of both the Fuehrer and the Reichsmarchall, examining the impressive bulk of the vehicle.
The photo must have been taken pre-WWII since Goering is wearing only his Word War One awards.
The Sdkfz 9 seems to have been painted in one of the camouflage schemes sometimes used on Wehrmacht vehicles in the years leading up to WWII.

Monday, June 16, 2014


No fancy graphic software and 9000+ font package for the mimeo revolution...

Yeah, yeah... I know you squares don't dig reading about MY miserable life, so why dontcha dig deep into the excellent blog Mimeo Mimeo instead?.. it's about "Mimeos", yes MIMEOS, the lo-fi self-published underground poetry and art magazines of the sixties (and later) Thurston Moore reads this blog! (I think)

And don't miss: Heroin Haikus by William Wantling

Panzer: Sdkfz 221 Leichter Panzerspähwagen (M.G.)
Very likely, this well kept specimen was photographed at a parade for senior Wehrmacht officers before the outbreak of WWII (some of them visible in the background) The various hatches have been opened for display of the engine and interiors. The MG 34 carried in the turret has also been arranged in "anti-aircraft" mode, displaying the vehicle's ability to defend itself against enemy airplanes. Normally the weapon would be arranged in a forward firing position for use against ground targets.

Monday, June 09, 2014


R.I.P Rik Mayall (1958- 2014)

A sure sign of old age is when your heroes start dying...Moebius, Lou Reed and now, the funniest man in the known universe: Rik Mayall...

His hilarious portrayals of egocentric, untalented, spoiled and phony characters, who usually got what they deserved with a kick in the groin or a whack on the head with a saucepan, had special meaning to my generation I think.



Beautiful...those brooding grays, dirty whites and disparaging browns found in the later work of French painter Maurice de Vlaminck ( 1876- 1958)

Soothing for my soul....since my hay fever is peaking due to abnormally high concentrations of pollen in the air (the 1999 record was broken today),  which means I can only leave my apartment for short trips to the supermarket if I want to avoid nasal diarrhea and the joys of douching my upper body with snot.

A good thing I'm not the complaining type.

Panzer: Sdkfz 251/3, Ausf C
Equipped with long-range radio, this was often the ride of senior commanders at Division level or above. The large white "K" was the marking of Panzergruppe 1, commanded by Ewald von Kleist. The triangular symbol placed on the left rear door of the 251 places it with the HQ of a Division, the symbol next to the large "K" tells us it served with a radio unit.


Monday, June 02, 2014


Job hunting is I...and as I sit here writing applications for positions I sincerely hope to get, I can't help noticing that I am also enjoying the freedom I have at the moment...NOT having to get up in the morning, NOT having to answer to students, colleagues, bosses.

Eventually I will have to do what we all do: sign away that freedom in exchange for money, money which will immediately be handed over to other people in exchange for food, lodging, train fare etc...most of that, things I can't live without...things I need in order to stay alive.

And the reason I need to stay alive? I can go to work, make money, money which will immediately be handed over to other people in exchange for...

Yes, I know...that's just the way things are, and you can't really change that,


Panzer: Sturmpanzer IV, Ausf J
Rare as the StuPa was, here we have two together in the same photo, most likely photographed at a behind-the-front repair shop in the East, early 1945.
These are from the final (fourth) production run, with redesigned machine gun mount and steel rimmed road wheels, replacing the standard rubber rimmed wheels which wore out too quickly under the massive weight of the thickly armoured fighting compartment and the 150 mm howitzer that made up the main armament.
Sturmpanzer IV's served in independent Sturmpanzer Abteilungen , attacking enemy bunkers, fortifications and other strongholds that were resistant to standard artillery, infantry, or armoured attack.

Monday, May 26, 2014


The end is near!!!

....or at least the end of an era here in Copenhagen, with shops closing down that have been around for a long as I can remember (I moved here in the late eighties)

Second hand books, CD and DVD's ...yes, I myself buy these things on the Internet today...the death of these proud businesses is entirely MY fault!

Still, sad to see them go...I used to save up to go to TP music and check out their David Bowie CD's, because every now and then they would sell one of them at a 33% discount, and if I waited long enough, and kept buying... I would eventually own every CD  he's put out,  correction: every CD he's put our worth listening to, "Let's Dance" is the watershed for me,  I have never listened to it.

And... good old "Antikvariat 2B"...the owner, Erling generously gave up some window space for artists to exhibit their work, including meeee!

He even bought a drawing from me! but the last time I spoke to him, a couple of years ago, he had stopped with the art exhibits in his window "I'm fed up with artists, too much trouble!" he explained.

Now he has retired to his home far from Copenhagen, and the young man who runs the shop for him is not interested in continuing " I like to travel and you can't do that if you have a shop" he told me.

Well, the bet is on: what will it be, the new businesses opening in these fair spaces left behind by the Age of Gentrification?

-Real estate dealer?
-Bicycle rental for tourists?

I'll fill you in when I know the answer,

if I'm still here...

Panzer: Pzkpfw Tiger, Ausf E
Some battle scars on this Tiger, probably photographed during the Battle of Kursk, summer of 1943.
Note the barbed wire fitted to the side of the hull, for preventing Soviet infantry from climbing onto the Tiger to try and destroy it with Molotov cocktail fire bombs.

Monday, May 19, 2014


The bahns of auto.

Panzer: Sdkfz 10 mit PaK 36
A homegrown remedy against attacks from Soviet armour on the Eastern front in 1941 or 42 was something like this innovative combo: a 37 mm PaK 36 with the wheels removed and placed on top of a Sdkfz 10 leichter zugkraftwagen.

Monday, May 12, 2014


Yup....that band back from the eighties....groundbreaking...genre-defining.

I listened to them intensely when I was eighteen-nineteen years old, especially that famous first album of theirs, but I never caught them live. But there they were, spotted it by pure coincidence on Facebook...a comeback tour...original lineup, playing venues in Europe and Scandinavia

 "Nah -  forget it! I thought - what would I be doing standing in a run-down old factory with a crowd of kids half my age, listening to a band I was crazy about thirty years ago?  Stupid.

So I bought a ticket. Online, a few days before the gig.

I had to go by train to get to the venue. I had to go alone, because nobody I knew would be interested.
Just like the old times thirty years ago. As cliched as it sounds, it was also the pitiful truth: I was the only punk in town.

So I got to the venue. And thirty years IS a long time...the days of punk gigs in abandoned factories filled with angst-ridden unemployed youths were gone. This was not the rat hole of an entourage of squatters - this was a council supported house of youth culture! The place was fully refurbished, there was a uniformed security team, a well equipped bar, a friendly and smiling staff, the supporting bands showed up on time, and played well!

As old punks do, I found a position in the back of the room. And was in for another surprise,  there was  a specially designed platform you could step onto, giving you full view of the stage. I couldn't believe it. Everything had been done the right way.

I waited through the three supporting acts, carefully sipping on my glass of tasty, but also quite expensive beer . The bands were not bad at all, but me and the rest of the crowd all knew why we had come here...

Eventually. They mounted the stage, just walking on in the off-hand manner of the true hardcore punk band. No division between the bands on stage and crowds down below. Yes. There they were...the original four members, half of them with a considerable amount of extra fat, but who cares about that when we're speaking legends?...

The guitarist positioned himself on the left hand side and started making sounds...THOSE sounds... the sounds I remembered from thirty years ago... while the drummer and bass player joined in, testing if the sound was OK. Then the singer grabbed the microphone, announcing who they were and  the name of the first song.

And off  they went. The pure magic of the powerful songs being fired at us one after the other...a crowd of young punks jumping off, and onto the stage as the wonderfully droning SOUND of this band filled the room, and me... relieving pain, giving comfort.

And yes... there was also the opportunity for checking out young punk girls in tight leather skirts...but I couldn't help noticing that I was not the only middle aged person in the room...standing a few feet from me was another man also in his late forties, early fifties. Overweight and dressed in a worn dinner jacket, wearing glasses, nondescript shoes and baggy black jeans, he looked like a failed geography teacher...but there he was, his eyes fixed on the stage, and as I looked at him he looked back at me, and I saw the most beautiful thing: His face so grey, mask-like and motionless, his eyes so filled with hate and disdain. The clothes, the physique, his position in the world (whatever it was), had changed. But not him.

He was still a punk inside. Pissed off and angry. And here, with the like minded.

And so was I.

Panzer: Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer
Damaged and abandoned Hetzers in an East European town shortly after WWII.
The factory applied hard-edge camouflage scheme used on many Hetzers is clearly visible on the vehicle in the foreground.

Friday, May 09, 2014


Celebration of May 9'th, "Victory Day" here at DAMIJWH...

Yes, we've been here before.... and this time I giveth you Max Alpert's famous 1942 photo "COMBAT" or "The regimental commander".

Was it staged?, was it taken during a drill and not in the face of the horrible Nazi enemy?... or was everything we project into onto it, giving it meaning, absolutely true?... a man brave, insane, or desperate enough to rise up and lead other men into battle, risking their lives so that others can live? that their children will have a future outside of the concentration camp, or the mass grave?

Who knows. Besides Max Alpert and the men in the photo.

But what's important about a photo like this is perhaps not what happened where, or when or why, but maybe more the inspiration that photo conveys, telling an ancient tale of heroism and self-sacrifice,    Often stupid and miss-used ideals when mixed with the illusions and manipulations of propaganda, but central to the human heart.

A photograph doesn't mean anything to a cow, a dog or a cat. To them it's just shadows caught on a piece of paper, but we feeble humans find something else, something to project our dreams onto, giving us hope in times of despair.

Like this photo does for me.

Happy Victory Day.

Panzer: Sdkfz 250/1 NEU
Belonging to 11'th SS- Panzergrenadier Division Nordland. This vehicle was part of an unsuccessful attempt to break out and escape Berlin by some of the last defenders of the Reichstag,  which included SS-volunteers from my home country Denmark, initiated after Hitler had committed suicide.

Monday, May 05, 2014


Impress your comrades with these Chinese public health care posters

Panzer: Pzkpfw Tiger, Ausf E, mid production.
Probably belonging to the III'rd (Tiger) battalion of the Panzer Regiment Großdeutschland, spring/summer 1944. One of the rare command Tigers with extra radio equipment,  distinguished by the five fingered "star" antenna visible behind the turret

Monday, April 28, 2014


Enjoy the classic pin-up art of Enoch Bolles

Panzer: Sturmgeschütz III, Ausf B
A rare photo, showing the rubber-lined crash helmets for armored crews which were normally covered by the unpopular panzer beret.

Monday, April 21, 2014


Gif animation gets poetical at The Daily Doodles 

Panzer: Pzkpfw Tiger, Ausf E
An impressive number of "kill rings" for this Tiger. East Prussia, summer of 1944.