Monday, January 13, 2014


A large archive of WWII photos taken by SS-Kriegsberichter available here

A good many photos of SS troops during their training and at various parades and ceremonies, but you will also find photos taken at the front lines, and material like this rather disturbing series showing what looks like SS doctors doing some kind of research involving women and children in an Eastern European town.

I think photos like these clearly show that the fighting troops of the Waffen-SS were not just "ordinary soldiers" who had no part in the horrors of the Holocaust, as some veterans and apologists want us believe, when in fact they played a very important role by paving the way for other, more specialist SS units who then carried out the actual atrocities.
Panzer: Sturmgeschütz III, Ausf G
A couple of Stug III supporting a patrol of SS troops 1943-44.
It looks like the two men carrying sticks use them for testing the ground for something, maybe ice covered water which would be a threath to the StuGs.


ste said...

not mines ?

lennard grahn said...

No, mines were declared "decadent capitalist" by Stalin and were not used by the Red Army