Friday, May 09, 2014


Celebration of May 9'th, "Victory Day" here at DAMIJWH...

Yes, we've been here before.... and this time I giveth you Max Alpert's famous 1942 photo "COMBAT" or "The regimental commander".

Was it staged?, was it taken during a drill and not in the face of the horrible Nazi enemy?... or was everything we project into onto it, giving it meaning, absolutely true?... a man brave, insane, or desperate enough to rise up and lead other men into battle, risking their lives so that others can live? that their children will have a future outside of the concentration camp, or the mass grave?

Who knows. Besides Max Alpert and the men in the photo.

But what's important about a photo like this is perhaps not what happened where, or when or why, but maybe more the inspiration that photo conveys, telling an ancient tale of heroism and self-sacrifice,    Often stupid and miss-used ideals when mixed with the illusions and manipulations of propaganda, but central to the human heart.

A photograph doesn't mean anything to a cow, a dog or a cat. To them it's just shadows caught on a piece of paper, but we feeble humans find something else, something to project our dreams onto, giving us hope in times of despair.

Like this photo does for me.

Happy Victory Day.

Panzer: Sdkfz 250/1 NEU
Belonging to 11'th SS- Panzergrenadier Division Nordland. This vehicle was part of an unsuccessful attempt to break out and escape Berlin by some of the last defenders of the Reichstag,  which included SS-volunteers from my home country Denmark, initiated after Hitler had committed suicide.

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