Monday, May 26, 2014


The end is near!!!

....or at least the end of an era here in Copenhagen, with shops closing down that have been around for a long as I can remember (I moved here in the late eighties)

Second hand books, CD and DVD's ...yes, I myself buy these things on the Internet today...the death of these proud businesses is entirely MY fault!

Still, sad to see them go...I used to save up to go to TP music and check out their David Bowie CD's, because every now and then they would sell one of them at a 33% discount, and if I waited long enough, and kept buying... I would eventually own every CD  he's put out,  correction: every CD he's put our worth listening to, "Let's Dance" is the watershed for me,  I have never listened to it.

And... good old "Antikvariat 2B"...the owner, Erling generously gave up some window space for artists to exhibit their work, including meeee!

He even bought a drawing from me! but the last time I spoke to him, a couple of years ago, he had stopped with the art exhibits in his window "I'm fed up with artists, too much trouble!" he explained.

Now he has retired to his home far from Copenhagen, and the young man who runs the shop for him is not interested in continuing " I like to travel and you can't do that if you have a shop" he told me.

Well, the bet is on: what will it be, the new businesses opening in these fair spaces left behind by the Age of Gentrification?

-Real estate dealer?
-Bicycle rental for tourists?

I'll fill you in when I know the answer,

if I'm still here...

Panzer: Pzkpfw Tiger, Ausf E
Some battle scars on this Tiger, probably photographed during the Battle of Kursk, summer of 1943.
Note the barbed wire fitted to the side of the hull, for preventing Soviet infantry from climbing onto the Tiger to try and destroy it with Molotov cocktail fire bombs.

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