Monday, June 09, 2014


Beautiful...those brooding grays, dirty whites and disparaging browns found in the later work of French painter Maurice de Vlaminck ( 1876- 1958)

Soothing for my soul....since my hay fever is peaking due to abnormally high concentrations of pollen in the air (the 1999 record was broken today),  which means I can only leave my apartment for short trips to the supermarket if I want to avoid nasal diarrhea and the joys of douching my upper body with snot.

A good thing I'm not the complaining type.

Panzer: Sdkfz 251/3, Ausf C
Equipped with long-range radio, this was often the ride of senior commanders at Division level or above. The large white "K" was the marking of Panzergruppe 1, commanded by Ewald von Kleist. The triangular symbol placed on the left rear door of the 251 places it with the HQ of a Division, the symbol next to the large "K" tells us it served with a radio unit.


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