Monday, June 02, 2014


Job hunting is I...and as I sit here writing applications for positions I sincerely hope to get, I can't help noticing that I am also enjoying the freedom I have at the moment...NOT having to get up in the morning, NOT having to answer to students, colleagues, bosses.

Eventually I will have to do what we all do: sign away that freedom in exchange for money, money which will immediately be handed over to other people in exchange for food, lodging, train fare etc...most of that, things I can't live without...things I need in order to stay alive.

And the reason I need to stay alive? I can go to work, make money, money which will immediately be handed over to other people in exchange for...

Yes, I know...that's just the way things are, and you can't really change that,


Panzer: Sturmpanzer IV, Ausf J
Rare as the StuPa was, here we have two together in the same photo, most likely photographed at a behind-the-front repair shop in the East, early 1945.
These are from the final (fourth) production run, with redesigned machine gun mount and steel rimmed road wheels, replacing the standard rubber rimmed wheels which wore out too quickly under the massive weight of the thickly armoured fighting compartment and the 150 mm howitzer that made up the main armament.
Sturmpanzer IV's served in independent Sturmpanzer Abteilungen , attacking enemy bunkers, fortifications and other strongholds that were resistant to standard artillery, infantry, or armoured attack.


ste said...

Good luck with your applications(still recommend the railway). Over here in the u.k. a single person has around 3-4 months to get a job they like/tolerate/qualified for,then if nothing turns up they are pushed into any minimum wage/poor conditions job that can be found or else risk benefit money being withdrawn! The government will not grasp the idea that a combination of technology/off shoring of jobs and over population means an ever growing percentage of people cannot find meaningful work.There is a stupid racing game going on of lots of people chasing a limited number of basically unnecessary work,its madness. But my god if you want cheap labour for your shonky business-you've come to the right place.

lennard grahn said...

we're moving in the same direction here in Denmark...
I¨ve followed your advice and subscribe to a jobagent form the Danish railways. Unfortunately they are only looking for high-end computer programmers so far, privatization lurks in the background...just like the Danish postal services where I was kicked out due to budget cuts in 2009...

Anonymous said...

I thought things were going better in the UK and Denmark...but it sounds like it's the same as here in Portugal.