Monday, August 25, 2014


A selfie from when I was a student at the Royal Danish Art Academy. 
The computer room at the School of Mediaart. I spent many a long night there
working on multiple computers when nobody else was around to use them.

Had my last day as it consultant at The Royal Danish Art Academy.
Readers of this blog will know that I was laid off about six months ago due to staff cuts

Well, that marks the end of a twenty-three year relationship with said institution...and since I'm forty eight years old, that makes it:

Half my life.

I started out as a humble student in 1991, graduated in 1998 and worked as a part-time teacher and it consultant at the academy from around the same time.

Since I never rose to a higher level than that of the part-time hired hand, I also worked other part-time jobs but my job at the academy provided my main income from around 2001.

Sure . I could probably have found other jobs, done something else with my life.

But, I imagined I belonged to the art world - I was an artiste, yes?...

And anyway: it was a nice place to hide out from life, while giving me time to make art in my plentiful spare time.

A nice gig but I never really felt like I belonged. I was basically just an employee, servicing the up and coming art stars of tomorrow.



Well, Lennard... you've probably got twenty-five or thirty more years ahead of you before it's time to sign out for good

- what are you going to do about that?!..

I don't know...

I really don't.

Panzer: Pzkpfw Tiger Ausf B "Königstiger"
Abandoned outside the Potzdammer Platz railway station in Berlin, May 1945.
This Tiger was one of a handful of Tiger II's fighting in the Battle of Berlin with the Schweres SS Panzer Abteilung 103/503.


ste said...

track down a minted divorcee/widow. plenty about at our age.

lennard grahn said...

Thanks for the advice, "Middleaged man looking for Widow/ Divorcee. Must have own teeth"