Monday, October 20, 2014


Growing gut showing, hair falling out...eyesight failing, and some chaps (not me) might even begin to experience "erectile challenges"...

And anyway...things just aren't as exciting as they used to be, right?...

On the whole, not much fun is it?...

BUT the progress of time can occasionally give you a small thrill, as illustrated by the tasty little tome pictured above:

The German Jet Genesis

Published in nineteen eighty two, I remember spotting that fabulous cover in the "War and history" department of my favourite bookstore in Copenhagen Politikens Boghandel, on the corner of Town Hall Square.

Recently subjected to a major makeover, which completely ruined the charm of the old place (like so many other things here in Copenhagen) this big and spacious store, filled with books in English, was for many years one of my favourite places to visit in Copenhagen.

Back in 82' I was a mere lad of sixteen, and not exactly loaded with money... so naturally I checked the price tag...and had to accept that a price of 187  Danish kroners (roughly £ 19) was way to expensive for me...

With regret I left the store. And did my best to forget about the the mistake I had made of peeking inside the book, filled with beautiful black and white line drawings of experimental German aircraft of WWII, some of them too advanced to ever leave the drawing board.

Masterpieces of futuristic fantasy.

Well. Years passed. I had other thrills. Purchased other books. But somehow, I could never forget about The German Jet Genesis.

Until a few months ago, when it suddenly dawned upon me: HEY! this is the age of!!  some of those books I longed to own when I was living in the good old analogue world must still be out there!

 So I found it... ordered it , received it in the mail

£ 16 it cost me, all included...

Mine at last. Page after page of beautiful black and white drawings of fantasy aircraft, most of which never flew.

Thirty two years passed, before my dream came through.

It was well worth the wait.

And, I saved £ 3!

Panzer: Panzerjäger Panther "Jagdpanther"
A very late model JP, photographed shortly after WWII at a vehicle dump in Germany under British control. Note the full set of flammvernicthern exhaust dampers and what looks like engine fan covers made from wood. These were fitted to avoid splinters from small caliber fire from ground attack aircraft from being sucked into the engine.

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