Monday, October 06, 2014


Tantalizing 80's retro illustrations by Killian Eng

Heavily influenced by the many great artists of early Metal Hurlant, and the Ligne Claire style, one must say...

Thoust should also his Tumblr page visit, and checketh out his imaginary poster for Alejandro Jodorowski's unrealised version of Dune

Panzer: Sdkfz 251, Ausf B
A rare peek inside the legendary APC. Note the surfaces around the driver and radio operator's positions, painted in elfenbein (an off-white colour) for better visibility in the dark. This area was not visible from the air, unlike the remainder of the interior which has been painted in standard dunkelgrau grey. The pillow placed next to the trooper is a bit mysterious. My guess is it was used as a knee rest when the radio operator had to leave his seat to fire the MG 34 machine gun. The support can just be seen, welded to the roof armor.

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