Monday, November 10, 2014


The day after my father died I went to his house to check up on things.

I found this newspaper spread out on the kitchen table. The visible page contains the schedules for TV programs.

 My father would spend his mornings sitting by this table, drinking tea and reading his paper. Later on he would do the cross word puzzle.

He always sat at the other side of the table,  opposite to where the newspaper is.
That was "dad's seat". He sat there when we ate dinner. My mom sat there when she and me had lunch together, before my dad came home from work. I never sat there.

My guess is that my dad placed the paper there to check out the TV programs for later that day. He would watch football on his TV late into the night, sometimes catching five or six games.

As I've mentioned before here on the blog, my dad died coming home from shopping. When he laid out that paper to plan his TV viewing for the evening, he didn't know that he'd be gone from our world four or five hours later.

But don't get me wrong. We do need plans.

Panzer: Sdkfz 251/9, Ausf C
Summer of 1943 is my guess. The armoured "top" surrounding the two crewmen is a field conversion, probably done by the unit's workshop.


ste said...

My dad is 80 this Friday, not in the best of health unfortunately. Recently he bought an electric razor,what crossed my mind was that it is probably going to be his 'last' razor. Things he has now are more than likely his 'last' items. He has had to give up driving so his 'last' car sits unused in his garage. Its so final isn't it. Another thing that crosses my mind are structures that will be around a lot longer than the people that constructed them,does that made them more relevant/worthy than a soon forgotten person,it troubles me ? Have a nice day. Ste

lennard grahn said...

Speaking of structures I'll probably end up selling my dads house, which he partly contructed himself (he added a new roof and other things).
The house is in rather bad shape now, but a guy who lives further up the road has expressed an interest in buying it
"what do you plan to do with it?.." I asked him "Oh, I'm going to tear it down, cut down all the trees and build a new house, for me and the wife..."
Well, if it becomes his property, he can do what he wants...