Monday, February 02, 2015

 YES! her family had money...because ALL artistes come from the middle- or  upper middle-class, because they can afford to support their no-good bohemian brats financially while they waste their lives creating something nobody really need, get it!
YES! she had some male art collector "friend" supporting her by buying her works
YES! she also worked shit jobs from time to time to "keep it real" and all that - she was a modernist anti-bourgeois, proto-feminist for chrissake!
YES! her work was pretty nice and interesting, and very 1920-30s- Berlin-Paris-European-bohemian

YES! I'll get to the point now and tell you who she was:  Jeanne Mammen (German, 1896- 1976)

Panzer: PzKpfw Tiger I, Ausf E
A fine photo of a mid-production Tiger I. Probably photographed in Russia, summer of 1944.

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