Monday, February 23, 2015


Waiting at the same bus stop as when I was a kid. And freezing just as much in the cold wind from the fjord.

Cleaning up my parent's house so I can sell it, and pay off taxes, bills, taxes, taxes, and some bills.

A nerve wrecking experience. Dealing with lawyers, real estate dealers, antique dealers, the police, insurance agencies, etc, etc. All of them demanding money, usually amounts I would have to work a very long time to earn myself. These people seems to be making money just from picking up the phone.

Sad. And on top of it I get my childhood and youth thrown at me all the time... didn't that bloke over there in the expensive 4X4 steal my football back in the third grade?...or was it his brother?...or just someone who looked like him?..

There are nice memories too, of course. I was basically a very good place for a child to grow up.

But: didn't I leave this small town to start my own life?...

Out here, everybody drive big expensive cars, have a house, a family, and a well-paying job.

I have four cardboard boxes of my own art that my parents had hanging on their walls.

Now that they're dead, I get it all back...

Well, a car, a job and a family doesn't necessarily mean happiness...

I'll be glad when all of this is over and done with.

Panzer: Panzerjäger 38(t) Hetzer
A Hetzer leaving a Czech town, possibly Prague, in the very last days of WWII.
Many German units retreating from the Eastern front passed through Czechoslovakia in an attempt to reach American captivity in South-Western Germany. Several troopers are carrying the StG 44/ MP 44 assault rifle.


ste said...

you ain't on your own,i'm going through a similar experience with my poorly father! very much alive but deteriorating, he's clearing the house and garage in preparation.every time i call round i end up taking away junk whilst promising to use and cherish the damn stuff. born with nothing,die with nothing...sad times Lennard

lennard grahn said...

A good move to do some cleanup now, i'll have to pay someone to empthy my fathers house because the most valuable thing he left behind was a five year old tv and a one year old washing machine.The rest is mostly worn out furniture, some of it things my parents bought when they married and moved into their first home.