Monday, March 02, 2015


Perhaps not so surprising, with my endless postings of Panzers here on the bloggo, I was a dedicated plastic modeler in my childhood, and well into my teens. While cleaning up the attic in my fathers house,  I found this small relic. Apparently one of the few of these creations of mine to have survived.

Alone in my room, assembling and painting these small Japanese manufactured miniatures during the long dark winters in the seventies and eighties was pure joy for me.

Panzer: Pzkpfw V Panther, Ausf A
Possible a photo of a Panther in action, or maybe a drill. The camouflage smock worn by the trooper on the right suggest Waffen-SS units, so this could be SS Panzer division Wiking fighting in Poland, summer of 1944. A couple of radio operators carrying what looks like extremely bulky, and heavy equipment in the field. The camo smock wearing trooper might be there to protect the radio operators against enemy infantry, eager to capture the radio equipment or kill the operators to disrupt communication.

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