Monday, March 16, 2015


Well, it's done. My parent's house now emptied, cleaned and ready for the real estate market...

Forty years of life, memories, furniture, clothes, books and trinkets carted away.

People ask me "are you really sure about selling that place?!?...that view of the fjord is so amazing!.."

No. I am not sure about it. You don't find many places like that, and here I am getting one for free...

Moving to Copenhagen made sense for me twenty-five years ago. The education I wanted could only be found here. The life I dreamed of was the life of the urban artist-bohemian, not the life of the family man sitting on his porch looking at the beauty of nature while his wife prepared a tasty dinner and the kids played.

Today, I'm a different man, and so is Copenhagen.

I moved to inner Vesterbro more that twenty years ago. Back in the day,  a run down crime-ridden neighbourhood where nobody sane wanted to live. I thought it was the perfect place to escape  the nice healthy middle class kids with perfect teeth that I grew up with.

Now they live here too...

I'm surrounded by young "hipster" families and their spoiled brats. When I meet them in the street, I try to be friendly but they look at me like I'm a monster. Apparently they believe that anyone over thirty is an alcoholic child molester and closet-Nazi...

Well, I'm sticking with my decision. I have to. It would be great with some space around you, a place to maybe paint some paintings or just sit and look at a tree after work.
But, I can't  keep my parent's house anyway, the financial side to it wouldn't work at all. There's tax debt to be paid, loans, etc, and the fifty year old house has a leaking roof, dodgy electric wiring, no internet, since my dad's telephone lines were bitten over by mice, and generally needs a lot of refurbishing which would require yet another loan.

Alright, that's all for this week's episode of : "The trials and tribulations of a middle aged idiot who was left something valuable and he couldn't handle that either..."

Panzer: Pzkpfw V Panther, Ausf G
An early Ausf G with zimmerit anti-magnetic coating being unloaded, summer of 1944.
Note how the bow MG 34 had been removed and placed in the "anti-aircraft "position on the turret to defend against enemy ground attack aircraft.

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