Monday, June 29, 2015


Holidays ahoy!

What a year...death, unemployment, new job, starting from scratch,  and The Danish People's Party is now the second largest political party in Denmark, and the biggest right-wing party!

You can already sense what's coming. Big smiles on some Danes faces, you know who they voted for...a beer reeking bum verbally assaulting veil wearing Muslim women on the train I was riding last week....he's got friends in high places now...the media is back on track, attacking "the spoiled cultural class left-wingers who can't accept the rules of democracy and the people's choice..."  yeah right...while liberalism strangle to death the welfare state it took generations to build.

In need of some time off here.

See you again August 3.

Panzer: Pzkpfw IV, Ausf H
Looks like a presentation of new equipment, or maybe a drill.
All troopers are wearing tropical uniforms, making the location Tunisia, Southern Russia or maybe Italy.


ste said...

So one drunk represents the typical Danish Peoples Party voter ? Its this sort of attitude i find so insulting towards a large minority of the Danish population, who to my mind have a legitimate concern as to where their country is heading for themselves and for their children.

lennard grahn said...

Just my observation. I believe most DPP voters belong to two groups: The lowest of the lower class, Danes who are afraid of losing their social benefits because they have to share them with immigrants and asylum seekers.The other group are those I would call "the upper working class", meaning skilled wage-working Danes who have benefitted from the high wages and strong unions of the well fare state. These people own houses, cars and can afford to go on vacation to Thailand at least once a year. Their lives are threatened not so much by immigration from the middle east or Africa, but by the EU, who pay Danish businesses to move their production to Poland and the Baltic countries. They vote for the DPP because the DPP are strongly anti-EU, one point where many left-wingers (myself included) actually agree with them.Another group are owners of small businesses, who are losing out to the internet and the banks who have shut down their credit due to the recession. For me the big disaster is that our so called left-wing parties here in Denmark havde completely sold out to the "austericy" politics of the EU and the IMF and have betrayed the needs of their own voters.So they vote for the DPP to send them a message .

lennard grahn said...

My dislike for the DPP are not their politics, because they actually let the other right-wing parties define their views on economy, foreign policy etc. My problem is the continuing hate-mongering, directed at not only at immigrants or asylum seekers (mainly the Muslims) but at anyone who doesn't agree with their very narrow-minded definition of what "the Danish people" are. A recent study revealed that the average Dane believes the number of muslims in Denmark to be twice as large as it actually is. If our democracy is guided by votes based on staight-out lying and hate -speech, we'll soon be building camps for the many "undesirables" here in Denmark, and I'm not going to stick around for that.

ste said...

interesting times,
our new Labour party leader (largest opposition party) is a radical left winger. I am convinced he has been voted in by its working class membership as a protest against how 'business friendly' the Labour party has become.The Conservatives in power are being nibbled away at by the UKIP party that is perhaps more right biased in my opinion.I sense europe is dividing into more extreme governments now the pressure is on maintaining living standards we have grown accustomed to. This pressure spills over into resentment at new people arriving bringing additional pressures to an already stretched public service-houses hospitals education etc. I personally can understand this from the point of view of having to make room for people who have had little or no financial input to the system that they are taking from that can barely provide anyway.The same resentment exists against British people that have not contributed but that cannot be called racism so its ok ! Sadly recent times seems to be galvanizing people into having to decide who's side they are on.The days of centerist!! parties are coming to an end no ?