Monday, November 23, 2015


R.I.P DAMIJWH (2003-2015)

Yes, terminating the old bloggo...

It was fun, it was exciting, it was grand, but I just don't have my heart in it any more...

Blogging has become a chore more than a pleasure,  and to be honest: most of the time DAMIJWH is just me listing pages on the web I find interesting.

A blog should be more than that.

But, in the immortal worlds of Nick Cave : Death is not the end!

I will continue to post links to stuff I find around the net, plus some occasional lines of writing, small piece of art, photo, drawing etc, all of it to be found at my trusty tumblr account:

Regarding the panzers, I'm visiting and sometimes posting photos on this here fine place on Facebook for Panzer enthusiasts: Panzer Fakten

Bye, and thanks to all :-)


Panzer: Pzkpfw V Panther, Ausf A
A rare color photo of a Panther in France, 1944.
Note the the spare wheel attached to the turret, a practise some Panther units brought with them from the Eastern front where bad roads put much wear on the rubber-tyred Panther wheels.


Jens said...

Et run på 12 år ... ikke opnået af mange blogs. Sejt gået.

lennard grahn said...

Tak, og det hele startede jo på nsop :-)

ste said...

Lennard,thank you very much for this blog you have kept for all these years. I think i started following this around 10 years ago,i carnt help feeling quite sad about it a lot of things around our age,everything has its time in the sun and then go. i even had a half assed plan to visit your home city and perhaps meet up! oh well, i'll wish you every success in the future. regards ste (steven holmes)

lennard grahn said...

thanks, ste :-) I've enjoyed our conversations in the comments, and please drop me a mail if you decide to visit old copenhagen some day anyway:

ste said...

thank you.